Girls Hockey Named State Champs

Hockey season at Dimond High is a big deal. The games always have huge crouds cheering the players on and this year, the Dimond West girls team won state. Team members are enthusiastic about their experiences on the team. Senior Erica Dye said, “Playing hockey for Dimond has been very fun. I love hockey and I love representing Dimond. I am going to miss it next year.” Erica Dye played foward, she said it was very fun. Another senior team member, Devin Geraghty, said, “I love hockey and I really like meeting playing new people. I also love hockey with my best friend Erica. Playing defence is really fun but when the puck gets passed you, a big rush runs through you and you pray that they won’t score.” This year, both girls and boys hockey for Dimond had an excellent season. The girls won 20 out of their 24 games. They lost two games and tied two games. Dimond West’s hardest team to play was South Anchorage Bartlett. Both teams are pretty even in skill level and that is why beating them is very challenging. Dimond West played seven games against them. They won three, lost two and tied two. Junior Marina Soria really likes playing hockey for her school. She says “It is really fun playing with my classmates on the ice and it is fun meeting new people and girls from West High School. You make a lot of new friends by being involved in school sports and it is even more fun when we win! I also like how you get so close to new friends on the team.” For freshman Taughnee Evans, it was her first year playing on a high school team and she loved it. “This year has been a great experience and I loved it. I really love winning and that is good because we were a great team! I am very excited that I still have another three years to play for Dimond.” The high school hockey season is over and Dimond is very proud of the girls winning state. If you have not been to a Dimond hockey game, you should go in the future because they are very exciting and it is good to support your Dimond Lynx!