Dance of the Decades Caps Spirit Week

Hippies, leather jackets, and legwarmers? These all appeared on the spirit week of the Dance of the Decades. Students showed their love for the past by wearing wacky costumes, and kickin’ it old school with groovy moves. Like every spirit week, a dance followed. Dance of the Decades was held Jan. 14. Excited students crowded the main commons to bust a move and get groovy. “I did the electric slide, the YMCA, a conga line and danced in a circle,” Mallory Stutzer, a sophomore, said. Stutzer really got the party bumping by encouraging others to dance and get into the theme. “We did some Michael Jackson and Elvis moves,” Stutzer added. Cameron Ginochio, Student Government president, thoroughly enjoyed strutting his stuff at the dance. “I was getting jiggy and freaky,” he said. Kristi Lauwers, a junior, also had an awesome time. “I did the twist and the mashed potato and the electric slide,” she said. The turnout for the dance was higher than usual. “We had about 125 people, which is triple of the amount last year,” Lem Wheeles, the Student Government teacher, said. “I heard not a lot of people were going to be there, and it wasn’t going to be fun, so I wanted to make it fun.” Ginochio and Lauwers are in Student Government, so they were encouraged to attend. Student Government worked hard to make sure the dance had cool decorations, music and people. They also pumped people up to dress up for the spirit days. “They did a lot to publicize and made sure there was a good DJ and decorations. A lot of people dressed up and brought friends to the dance,” Wheeles said. Not only did students have a great time dancing, they also had a blast wearing blast from the past outfits. “I wore my 80s outfit: a baggy shirt, spandex, and legwarmers,” Stutzer said. Many student hope to have the dance next year as well. “We had a really really really good time,” Stutzer said. “It was really laid back and everyone was just busting a move,” Lauwers said. “I believe there will be a Dance of the Decades next year because it was successful enough to create a buzz, and people will look forward to it next year,” Wheeles said.