Valentine’s Day Brings Excitement

A lot of people get really excited in the month of February. Why? The answer would be because of one day, February 14, also known as Valentine’s Day. The 14th is the most lovey-dovey day out of the whole year. There are chocolate, flowers and joy all around. This day is a day filled with love, and a lot of people like this holiday. Some people hate Valentines Day. When I went around Dimond High School and interviewed people about Valentine’s Day, they all had different views about it. Some people love this holiday and some people hate it. Others just go on like it is a normal day. Charles McCubrey, an employee at Dimond High School, is one who is sort of against Valentine’s Day. “It is a sham, a commercial holiday, because all it is about is cards, candy flowers and jewelry. I tell my wife I love her every day. I do not need a special day to dedicate that,” McCubrey said. He thinks that no one pays attention to their school work and education. He also thinks that it is a lot more special to give gifts to a loved one spontaneously rather than planned on Valentines Day. Ashton Bare, a sophomore at Dimond, likes Valentine’s Day but is also kind of against it. “It is a day to show people how much you care for them. You get to go do something special for someone you care about. I think it does not need to have its own day dedicated to it but it is nice to feel appreciated sometimes,” said Ashton. Ashton likes all of the candy and joy in the room but she also kind of agrees with McCubrey. Another sophomore at Dimond, Mitsuko Kibe, thinks Valentine’s Day is a waste of time and it just distracts people. She does not like all of the public display of affection, either. Students Amber Bare and Kendall Lavigne love Valentine’s Day. They love knowing that people care about them and really like all of the pink and red flowers and hearts. Most people are so happy and joyous on Valentine’s Day, and they like seeing people happy. Valentine’s Day is a very interesting holiday and every one has different opinions on it. If you have a loved one, Valentine’s Day is probably of your favorite holidays. But if you are single, you probably dislike this holiday.