Valentine’s Day Should Run Away

Valentine’s Day is not a real holiday if students have to go to school because it may make some people happy but it also crushes people and embarrasses them in school. “It is bad because it is basically a girl’s second birthday,” said Zackery Allen Momburger. “Valentine’s Day is dumb because there is no reason to express your love if you have to go to school,” said Anthony Devon Tobuk. I am against Valentine’s day because it is overrated and costs too much. “The best solution is not to celebrate it or make it an official holiday so we would have an in-service day,” said Tobuk. “My solution is to move it to the thirteenth so it will be on a Friday,” said Momburger. My solution is to make Valentine’s Day an in-service day so no one is embarrassed, sad, or lonely in school. Valentines Day may make some people happy but it makes a lot of other people sad and angry because there are a lot of single people out in the world and they do not have someone special. Some people are very rude to others because they do not get anything because they are single or someone forgets it. It wastes people time to go shopping at crowded stores if you are going to waste money on greeting cards that will be thrown away in a month or two. Valentine’s Day gives many people cavities when they eat chocolate,and it is very costly to companies that buy resources to make the products we want. It would save many resources, if we could get rid of Valentine’s Day, that we can use on more important things. Valentine’s Day is for selfish people who just want gifts from their partner. Some people break up with their partner if they forget to buy a gift for the other one. Which would keep some couples together if it is not a holiday. “Companies only use Valentine’s Day to sell inventory and gain revenue,” said Momburger. “All Companies are greedy and only wanna do is get money by marketing valentines day items,” said Tobuk. “On Valentine’s Day, I usually go to the store and buy little things for friends and I buy special items for people that I like,” said Tobuk. “On Valentine’s Day I usually get ready for my birthday because it is the day after Valentine’s Day,” said Momburger. I usually just do my home work and play video games with my friends. Valentine’s Day needs to change because it is overrated and hurts people who can’t afford gifts, do not have a special person or who can’t find the time with school or work.