Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for over one thousand years! Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day, is said to be the day three Christians named Valentine were martyred on February 14th. The story that is most popular is about a Roman priest who was secretly marrying couples,even though Claudius II said it was illegal. Valentine was put into jail and befriended the jail guard. He even cured the jail guards daughter from blindness. It is said that when Valentine was going to die he gave a letter to the girl and that was the “first” Valentine’s card. This history is from three different websites, links can be found at the end of reading this. The first known Valentine’s Day card that is still around is on display in a museum in England. Today it is more of a commercial event that plays tricks on peoples emotions. It is full of lust, not love. If someone gets flowers then they are happy, if they do not, then they are upset. People put too much time into one day to make it ‘perfect’. I do not like the way a lot of people see Valentine’s Day today because I think you should treat everyday a little like Valentine’s Day. Not to the extremes by buying flowers and chocolate everyday, but to not leave February 14th with all your love and not treat your loved one the same every day after. Everyday while you are “in love” should be special. Niki Wilson, a junior, does not particularly care for Valentine’s Day because “people make too big of a deal of it.” Suzann Curro’s favorite part about Valentine’s Day is “getting Valentine’s Day cards.” I agree with both these quotes, it’s nice to get a Valentine’s Day card, but also people make such a big deal over one day that happens once a year. You should always let that special someone know you care about them, and not just leave it to one day out of the year.’s_Day#Historical_facts