Spring Brings Softball

Snow is melting, kids are playing outside and spring is on the rise, which only means that spring sports are going to start soon, and one of the those spring sports so happens to be softball. Tryouts at Dimond High School were from March 14-18. There were many girls who tried out, including Naomi Freeman, Marina Aldous, Molly Monaghan, Tara Thompson, Whitney Jackson and Sierra Afoa. When asked whether or not they have had experience playing Aldous responded, “No experience at all. But I tried out because I think it’s fun to try new things and meet new people.” Freshman Molly Monaghan says, “I have played three years of softball.” Freshmen Aldous and Monaghan, both answer questions on the positions they would like to play. “I would really like to (pauses) play the bench.” She replies jokingly. Monaghan says, “I really don’t mind what position I play.” These are two freshmen who have not been the most experienced but who enjoy the sport and the fun it brings. Now moving towards the varsity, Sophomore Sierra Afoa, who has made varsity in every sport that she has participated in, talks about the competition of softball. “West and East seem to be the competition to watch out for this year,” she said. When asked why, she responds, “Because West has great pitchers and East, well, they are always good.” Freshman Tara Thompson talked about how she felt about the tryouts. “There was running like any other sport, but what was embarrassing was that you had to run in front of every one, but by yourself,” she expressively explained. Asked what position she went out for, she said, “Short stop is what I usually play, but this year I am playing second base.” When asked exactly why, she simply says, “Well, a senior plays the position so it’s only fair that she plays that spot and I respect that.” Turns out that Tara Thompson, Whitney Jackson and Haley Montagna were the only freshmen who made varsity. So does softball interfere with school? “No. Most classes give out projects, but not so much homework, and I am still trying to perfect time management,” Jackson said. Jackson has said that she has only played one year of varsity softball, which only makes sense since she is a freshman. Freshman Naomi Freeman tells about an experience of intense softball. “There was this game where Dimond West All Stars were playing against Nunaka Valley All Stars, and Dimond West was up by 8 points. Dimond West fought and stood strong through out the game, but in the end Nunaka Valley game came back and won. It was such an intense game, we were so close to winning. There were also just so many pickles in that game,” she concludes. Freeman said, “I play outside of school, and have played for Dimond West little league for 4 years.” She said she is familiar with high school softball. “When you are watching everybody is just there to play hard. It’s a loose competition, but definitely not uptight.”