“Rango” Brings Out The Cowboy

A tangy mash up of unique characters and witty acting in the movie “Rango” brings out the cowboy in us all. In the present of 3D movies, serious dramas and out-there sci-fies, “Rango” is a good break from reality and a chance to just sit back and laugh. Rango starts his journey on a desert highway with an encounter with a shaman armadillo, and it only burns out and takes off down the road from there. After meeting the town of Dirt, Rango, the chameleon with an identity problem and a love for theater, finds himself the holder of a sheriff’s badge when the town is faced with a water problem and the only sane-seeming mammal in the town who can save them fits the description of the town newcomer, Rango. If you were looking for a thriller, romance, comedy and suspense film to take your first date, maybe second, to, well you came to the right movie. Take those themes and make them ( PG ), and you have Rango. Subtle innuendos and clever comebacks make it entertaining for adults, and from what I heard, when asked, the “funny looking” characters were the entertaining side of things for the younger audience the movie is steered toward. The main character is voiced by Jonny Depp, whose companions in the plot include some familiar names like Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Bill Nighy and Timothy Olyphant. Giving it overall 4/5 stars for this cute and clever animation, I would say this movie was a good waste of two hours of my weekend, the price of the movie tickets and a stuffy association with the American moviegoing public. Rango definitely does a good job of standing out among the latest animations, especially for the reptile he is, a chameleon.