Senioritis Spreads Quickly

It’s contagious, you can’t see it coming, and before you know it, you have it as well. Senioritis. As your years at Dimond dwindle down day by day, senioritis moves closer and closer until you can no longer avoid it. Most students believe it is something they can overcome, however, as senior year approaches most find it is simply unavoidable. As senior Jack Gasperlin explains, “I thought senioritis was never going to happen to me, how wrong I was.” Senioritis comes at many different times for students. However, it seems once college is seemingly in the future, the desire to try hard in high school fades extravagantly. “I got senioritis last year, as soon as I started looking at colleges,” says Senior Spencer Greenstein. Senior Cameron Ginochio was taken by senioritis around the same time stating: “Once I got into college I got senioritis.” It seems as though seniors view college as the final step. Once they are into college, the importance of succeeding in high school lessens. So what is so bad about senioritis? Students become lazy after four years at the same school. That’s understandable for most. However, is becomes a problem when it affects students’ productivity and performance throughout their final days at Dimond. “Senioritis makes me really tired,” says Senior Nikki Wray. “I go to bed at like 9, way before my homework is done, when I would normally have stayed up to finish it.” Wray and many other seniors feel this way. Homework becomes less of a priority and is put off until the last possible moment. Some have the will power to finish, yet most simply end up forgetting about it. Senior Eric Hueners has begun to see a negative effect on his grades due to senioritis. “When I wasn’t a senior I got good grades,” he says. “I am a senior now and I don’t get good grades.” Hueners continues to describe this problem by saying, “Senioritis is like arthritis.” He feels as if it is a continuous struggle to overcome and that it “only gets worse with time.” Many wonder if there is hope after you start seeing signs of senioritis. Sadly, most will agree there is none. Once you succumb to the inevitable senioritis, there is no turning back. It is nearly impossible to turn around and get back on track. As senior Afa Iosepha states, “Senioritis has got the best of me; can’t fight it now!”