Student Photography: A New Way Of Saying Hello

It is a quick trend sweeping across the school: Quickly photographing fellow students. People will take pictures swiftly without the person knowing. People can then later send these pictures and connect with people. It is a way of letting people know that they’ve seen that person. It is a new way of saying hello. “I have many friends I need to say hello to, so quickly taking a picture and sending it to them is much easier,” Taylor Allen, a Dimond sophomore, says. People have had a much easier time accomplishing student photography by having an Iphone, which allows quick picture taking and an easy means of sending the picture. “For me I really enjoy the art of the picture taking. When I get a good snapshot then I just get a good feeling and instantly send it with joy. When I get a super good picture then I put that one on Facebook for even more people to see,” says Stanson Afoa, a sophomore. Some people see student photography as an art more than a means of saying hello. Many collect the pictures on their phone so they can see if they have progressed in their “quick picture” skills. “I take pictures all the time. Sometimes even during lunch, but only when it is a really good opportunity. If I see something that I find funny then I will also take a picture of that. I love having a phone that can hold so many pictures,” says Morgan Mickelson, a junior. “When the object of my picture is moving too fast, I sometimes get a blurry picture. I usually get pretty upset when this happens, because a good opportunity is then gone,” says Jennifer Holganza, a sophomore. The Iphone even has apps that make it easier to take pictures and help students with better quality. People who are really into taking pictures will purchase these apps to get the best pictures. “I got introduced to the picture taking through my friend. She got the iphone and started up right away. I don’t have an iphone, but I have picture messaging, so I can take a picture then send it to the friend I see,” says Kimmerlyn Goodmanson, a sophomore. “I love getting my picture taken. It’s really cool to be able to see what I look like when I’m not expecting it,” says Megan Perkins, a junior. With technology today people will be able to progress with their picture taking and get superb student photography. Without technology this trend would not be possible. People love to take pictures and share them. People are more friendly and can share a laugh with each other.