“Just Go with It” Is Good For Laughs

“Had me laughing the whole entire time!” said Peggy Huske, a senior at Dimond High School, “favorite movie of the year!” One of Adam Sandler’s best movies seen for a long time . Adam Sandler plays a rich plastic surgeon named Danny, who uses his old wedding ring to make up stories to hook up with girls. When he meets a girl he starts to really like he makes up a lie that causes him to get in a lot of trouble and asks his assistant worker and friend to help him out with it. Jennifer Aniston, as hilarious as always, plays Rachel Green, a single mother of two kids that is Adam Sandlers assistant. Sandler and Aniston make perfect chemistry in this movie between their characters, which makes it a great comedy. No other actors or actresses could have made this movie as good as they made it. Also, they couldn’t have made it one of the most teen loved comedies of the year. “I don’t think there was a worst part,” said Lili Melendez, a sophomore at Dimond. If you’re an Adam Sandler fan, then there is no doubt that this will be your number-one, top-rated movie with him you’ve seen in a long time. “He makes me laugh,” said Rachael Villamanca, a junior at Dimond. “I love him!” said Mia Sison, a freshman at Dimond. With all the perverted moments starting with the Adam Sandler playing a plastic surgeon, not many teenagers recommended this movie to be a good movie to see on a date. “Might be a wrong impression,” said Sison. But some teens didn’t mind. “It reminded me of the funny things me and my friends and girlfriend do,” said Lorenzo Vicente, a sophomore at Dimond. “You’ll be laughing so hard, you’ll forget you’re on a date!” said Peggy Huske. Sandler and Aniston make a great romantic comedy that is definitely worth watching with or without a date. Not one interviewer did not like this movie, although 85 percent of critics thought differently, according to Flixter. Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, from “Ebert Presents” wrote, “This is the ugliest, shoddiest looking movie I’ve seen in a while.” Ken Hanke, from “Mountain Xpress” wrote, “Just go with it — and take it out of here.” Kam Williams from “Theloop21.com” wrote,” Just run from it!” When told about what the critics wrote, some students were shocked. “Are you sure they were watching the same movie?” Huske asked sarcastically. What the critics were saying seemed to be opposite what the movie was really like. Since the critics are obviously not teenagers, of course, they wouldn’t like this movie. The majority of people who like this movie are teenagers and Adam Sandler fans. Most of the critics were not Adam Sandler fans as well, so of course they would give a bad review of Sandler’s acting. “Just Go with It” is filled with romance, making fun of people and mostly perverted jokes. The sad truth is this type of movie is hilarious to teens. I f you are a teenager wholoves to laugh or an adult who can take these jokes, then take students’ advice and “Just Go with It.” You won’t be disappointed.