“Green Hornet”: More Than Just Explosions?

“The Green Hornet” hit theaters Jan. 14. As of March 20, “The Green Hornet” had made roughly $227 million dollars world wide, according to Box Office Mojo. “The Green Hornet,” starring Seth Rogan, Jay Chou and Cameron Diaz, takes after the popular 1989 DC Comics strip. A crime-fighting duo with an unlikely friendship develops throughout both the comic and the movie, resulting in the adventurous tales of two undercover heroes masquerading as villains in an attempt to stop crime in the city. Britt Reid (Rogan) sets out in uncharted territory, in a wild attempt to fight crime after the mysterious death of his father, previous owner of The Daily Sentinel , a family-owned newspaper. Reid teams up with his fathers’ young assistant, Kato (Chou), to take back the life he never had, but always wanted—one with a purpose. I thought “The Green Hornet” was a good movie with a lot of great action scenes, yet the purpose of the movie seemed to be lost in all of the explosions and barrage of gunfire. With the continuous bullets flying everywhere, it seemed as though the movie was meant to be a more shoot-‘em-up sequence than anything more meaningful. This action-packed —yet sometimes inappropriate— comedy brought many laughs, and even a few tears. Danie Holden, a sophomore at Dimond, said she thought the movie was “So great. I laughed through most of it, and maybe even shed a tear or two.” Holden’s favorite part, she decided, “was when Kato was fixing up the car and made it super cool.” The many action scenes involved with that car really made the movie, she thought. Though Holden did enjoy the movie and its many action scenes, some did not feel the same way. “I thought it was a blatant rip-off which incorporated ideas from various other movies,” Nolan Schock, sophomore at Dimond, stated. “Although, that’s not to say it’s bad. On the contrary, I found it an interesting movie that captivated my attention quite well.” Although Schock agreed it was not a total waste of his time and money, he still did not have all positive things to say. “I found many parts of the movie quite intriguing,” Schock said. “The special effects, I thought, were really awesome and quite realistic.” Overall, though some would find this movie to be entertaining based on its theatrical action scenes, this viewer failed to see the message beyond all of the pointless violence.