Cursive is Vanishing From Schools

Cursive is used by some students and teachers who have been using this writing style for so long that it is natural. But others do not use it or do not even know how to write in cursive. “Yes, I can read and write cursive, but I am better at writing it and if I cannot read cursive it is because I cannot read the person’s handwriting,” said Anthony Devon Tobuk, a Dimond junior. Even those who avoid cursive say they are able to read and write using it. “I can read and write cursive still even though I do not use it at all,” said Christian Ruben Perez, also a junior. Junior Jake Thomas Patterson said, “Of course I can read and write cursive but reading it is better that writing because I do not like writing.” Yet another junior, Alex James Brigandi , feels the same way. “Yes, I can do both but I do not like doing either,” Brigandi said.. Cursive is taught in elementary school, usually in third and fourth grade, but some students forget how to use these skills because it is not required after elementary school. “I was taught how to read and write in cursive in the fourth grade,” said Tobuk. “I learned how to read and write cursive in elementary school,” said Perez. Most may assume that every year students have their memory refreshed about cursive, but high school teachers do not teach cursive to their students. “My English teacher does not teach cursive because you are supposed to know how from elementary school,” said Patterson. “No my teacher does not teach cursive, because we should know it by now,” said Brigandi. There is some deliberation between what is better cursive or print, but everyone has a different opinion about it. “I like print better, because it is easier to write and cursive can be confusing,” said Brigandi. “Print is better, because cursive makes me feel French when I connect each letter with loops,” said Patterson. “Print is a lot better, because it is easier to write and I like easy things,” said Perez. “I like cursive and print the same, because I write them together since I got used to writing both,” said Tobuk. Cursive and print look different as people write and each one can be written cleaner or sloppier than the other. “Cursive is cleaner, because it looks really formal when the letters are connected with loops,” said Perez. “Cursive is sloppier, because some people have bad hand writing and it becomes hard to read,” said Tobuk. “Cursive is cleaner, because each word has all of its letters connected so it is more organized,” said Patterson. “I see cursive as a lot sloppier because I have dislexia,” said Brigandi. Teachers have their own impression about cursive writing. “I know how to read and write cursive,” said Antoinette Marie Bassett, a Dimond English teacher. “I do not teach cursive in any of my classes. I expect them to know how,” said Basset. “I write in a combination of print and cursive, but mostly cursive. I’m much faster at cursive, so I find it more efficient to use,” said Bassett. “Perhaps cursive is a bit sloppier because I write it faster.”