Spring Break Destination Reviews

London, England The first thing to note about this location is the currency. They do not use the Euro, as many people believe, but rather the Pound (GPB). The exchange rate is about .61 GPB for 1 U.S. Dollar. In addition, hotels and food are expensive. Many people choose to stay at a bed and breakfast, which often have a better value, in terms of quality for quantity of money, than the local hotels. The fast food here is also a good way to lower costs. London is famous for its fish and chips, and also has many great gyro shops. The food quality at these local shops is much better than fast food in our country, so there is no need to have all meals at sit-down restaurants, which tend to be more expensive. The City also has many great museums and historic sites that are free of entry charge. The Tower of London is a must, and the guided tours add a great deal to the experience, as the offer many intriguing stories about the history of the society. Other free places worth visiting are the British Museum and Piccadilly Circus. Although there are many places to go in the city, do not rent a car to get to them, one, because the driving system is different and they go on the left side of the street and two, because the public transportation is great. The subway system is referred to as the underground, and has stops all around the city. The above-ground system of the famous double-decker buses is also great. Anywhere it does not reach can be accessed by one of the many taxis. Also, do not worry about having to many people to fit in a taxi; there are usually extra seats that extend from the backs of the front seats, and even if that’s not enough, the drivers are not strict about everyone wearing a seat belt. Arizona, Phoenix If searching for hot, sunny weather, then this is an ideal spring break destination. Weathertoday.net displays Yuma AZ at the top of the list, for the average number of sunny days a year (not including partly sunny/cloudy days), in our nation, with 242. Just one spot below is Phoenix AZ, with 211. Our hometown of Anchorage only has 61. Although beaches are absent from the vacation picture, sophomore Sam Castle says, “it doesn’t matter as long as you have a spot to lay out in the sun. The whole time I was there it was sunny.” Phoenix has an array of shopping choices that cater to all budgets. It also has many food franchises we do not have in Anchorage, including The Hard Rock Cafe, Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, Ben and Jerry’s, Panda Express and In and Out Burger. If trying to avoid the crowds and pollution present in Phoenix, venture to one of the smaller towns, such as Oatman on Route 66. Castle describes it as looking “like an old western town from a movie.” Maui, Hawaii This is by far one of the most popular spring break destinations. The climate difference is quite large, yet the plane ride to get there is a short six hours. Junior Kiera Rust says “it is her favorite place on Earth. Everyone there always seems happy, and there are so many beaches!” Although there are resorts for all financial levels, the plane ticket to get there is just as expensive for everyone. In addition, food and other products are a little more expensive there, due to the cost to transport them from the mainland. Despite the costs, it’s hard to beat the extensive amount of sandy beaches. They offer many water activities for all ages, and there is always something to do at them that does not cost any money. In addition, all beaches in Maui are public, so even if it seems a giant resort has claimed one, everyone still has an equal right to relax at it. If needing a day away from the beach, consider going to the Kapalua zip-line course. It offers many views of the ocean, as well as the lush mountains which tourists do not often get to see. It does go above cliffs, so those afraid of heights might not find the journey enjoyable. The state is famous for its sweet pineapple, and also has delicious grapes. When craving a light frozen treat during the day, a snow cone stand should not be too difficult to find, especially in the Kihei area. If a little rain can ruin your vacation, this may not be a good destination pick. There is often a short afternoon shower, and sometimes it will rain for a full day or even more than one. Swimming may seem like a fun activity on these days, but it should be strongly avoided due to safety. The water becomes murky, which sharks enjoy, and the runoff from the mountains also lures sharks closer in. Orlando, Florida There is almost a zero percent chance of being bored here. There are many theme parks, and other attractions dispersed through the area. It is like a Las Vegas for kids/families. The newest addition to the theme park selection is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This is an expansion of Universal Studios, and Senior Joey Towslee said “it looks exactly like the world in the movies.” The Dragon Challenge ride is a favorite among visitors. Unfortunately, he said, it “is crowded,” like most amusement parks. It is so overcrowded that people waiting to get in must first wait for others to exit. An amusement park that is definitely worth visiting is Epcot. This is all about different cultures of our world. About half the park is divided into sections which each focus on a particular country. The other half is divided into a section for the sea, a section for the land, and a section showing evolution and our future. The section for the land has the highly acclaimed paragliding ride, Soar, which simulates a ride through California. It is important to obtain a fast pass (which is free) for this ride, immediately upon arrival. The overall focus of this half of the park is going green and preserving our planet, and it is done in a non-boring way. In addition to having many attractions for kids, Epcot also has many for adults who may need a break from the somewhat cheesy atmosphere of the other parks (like Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom). The spring break weather for the area ranges from mid sixties to low eighties. Rain is pretty uncommon, although it has been known to occur. The food in the parks is overpriced, although the quality is a lot better than expected. The parks are also kept very clean, and systems are organized.