Senior Spotlight: Erskine Frank

As the year comes to end, many significant seniors move on and adapt to an ultimately new, changed lifestyle, generally in a different state. A prominent student who will be a part of that graduating class migration is Erskine Frank. Frank will be traveling on to Montana State University with a GPA of 4.2. He will be majoring in chemical engineering and mechanical engineering. Frank has had a variety of sports-related achievements. He has attained more than seven varsity letters, and has participated in track and cross country skiing. Frank has also achieved many academic related awards including various academic letters, from tenth grade and on. He has taken eight AP classes and is graduating with honors. Jeffrey Bannish and Joshua Hall are two teachers whom Frank will never forget—his favorites. Frank is going to miss his friends and all the fun sports at Dimond. One of his most memorable moments, is when he met his friend “Nate.” “Breaking a five-minute mile” is also a very memorable thought, which Frank will hold with him for many years. Frank was Eagle Scout, back in the day, which was a true honor. Plus, spending time around Trevor Clayton, a very influential man in Frank’s eyes, will be remembered by Frank. Frank is looking forward to college, and leaving Alaska. While taking a break from the family lifestyle, Frank is excited for the change in atmosphere. If Frank had a chance to tell an incoming freshman about high school, advice, for example, Frank would tell the to “enjoy it while you can. You can either have a lot of fun, or not.” Frank decisively says, “Have fun.” Cecilia Frank, a sophomore and Frank’s younger sister, says, “He’s very good at all sports and is a decent skier—a really good cross country runner.” She continues, “Though he is sometimes stubborn, he is really nice.” She says he enjoys technology… a lot. She also notes that he is really good to talk to, and even better to listen to. Clayton, a friend of Frank and a fellow graduating senior at Dimond, says, “[Frank] is one of the most unique people ever—no one is quite like Erskine.” Clayton continues to say that Frank is a good skier, runner and is good at school. “He talented in many different ways.” Katie Hall, a junior at Dimond and friend of Frank, says Frank tends to talk a lot about nothing and often says similar things to what his best friend John Janezich says. Hall says Frank is often “loopy” due to lack of sleep, probably from working on school work. Hall notes that he generally only eats granola bars and drinks tea and/or coffee. Janezich, Frank’s best friend and fellow graduating senior, says, “He’s a really good friend and loyal…. Lots of people don’t get him.” Janezich continues, “Erskine’s a goof off and has a huge case of senioritis.” Sarah Freistone, a junior and friend of Frank, says, “He’s artistic, [often] picky about the quality of his music, and has matching Jeeps with John.” Freistone notes that Frank has an extraordinary number of shoes for a guy. Freistone remembers of Frank that he was quite short and chubby when he was younger, contrasting to his present physical state. Overall, the moving on and graduating of senior Frank, will leave an evident hole in Dimond’s heart. “He will be very missed,” says sophomore Emily Carpenter.