“Soul Surfer” Movie Review

Inspirational. The ultimate tear jerker. “Soul surfer,” an epic story of nonfiction content, regarding a young girl, on the verge of a professional surfing career, was consummately undermined by the near fatal shark attack, which left her with only one arm. Actress AnnaSophia Robb plays the pro surfer, Bethany Hamilton, in the movie “Soul Surfer.” She must fight through the pain, enduring a variety of obstacles, due to the loss of her arm. However, with the help and love and support from her family and friends and church youth group, she pursues her dream and achieves remarkable things. Another plus to this movie is its unique actress, Carrie Underwood. Underwood says that acting isn’t something she wants to keep pursue but doing this movie was something really special, because of what it dealt with. Underwood plays the pastor of Bethany’s church youth group. Throughout the movie she is there in support of the young ones. When Bethany’s accident happens she is a person Bethany goes to for support when she can’t handle what has happened. Underwood is also the head of an aid campaign among the members of Bethany’s youth group. They travel to Thailand and provide aid to tsunami victims, which ultimately enables Bethany to see a different perspective of her life. She sees that surfing is not everything in life, and there are other important things. Plus, she realizes that her accident is not quite as bad that of the people affected by the tsunami. She comes to find her highest potential and capability in pursuing what she loves, but with patience and wisdom and knowledge. The movie sends an inspirational message to the audience that is touching and lifting. While the acting is good and the plot is entertaining, the main thing that makes this movie is its nonfiction content. Sydney Laudon, sophomore at Dimond says, “It was really good. I bawled my eyes out. It was very inspirational and motivating.” Laudon continues, “I don’t suggest you bring a guy to the movie, unless you want them to see you cry a lot.” Laudon emphasizes this. Courtney Beach, another Dimond sophomore, says, “It was really touching and the characters did pretty good acting. I cried a lot. It was really sad, but at the same time, inspirational. What was also cool was that Carrie Underwood was in it, except she wasn’t that good of an actress.” Katie Carpenter, a Dimond alumnus went to go see this movie last week. “I really liked it,” said Carpenter, “ however it seemed like in some scenes the acting could have been a little bit better.” The surfing aspect of the movie was very appealing as well. The movie used underwater cameras and skidoos to get up close shots of the surfers. You could see what it was like and what the surfers were feeling as they shot through the waves. “The water parts were really cool, you could see so much, it was really neat,” Carpenter said about the water scenes. “Soul surfer” is a touching film that will definitely affect and inspire many people. It is a movie that people that have been through accidents like Bethany will look up to and get hope from. It puts the struggles of people like Bethany out in the open and in front of the eyes that might never have known about it before. But most of all, this movie tells a true story, which is what makes it so amazing.