Hallway Congestion Is Problem

At Dimond High School there is a hallway that is overcrowded because it is the fastest route from downstairs A hall and B hall. “The most congested hallway at Dimond is the hallway that connects A hall and B hall,” said Christian Ruben Perez. “The hallway between A hall and B hall during passing time is the most congested hallway,” said Anthony Devon Tobuk. This hallway becomes too congested and leads to students being late to class because it takes so long to pass through the crowd. “The hallway is so congested because there are a few groups of people that stand by their lockers and talk,” said Perez. “I think it is congested because people stand there and talk instead of moving to their next class,” said Tobuk. There are a few solutions that may be used or are already being used to fix this problem. “One solution is to have a Dimond Staff member stand in the hallway so students can not stop and talk,” said Tobuk. “The best way to solve the problem is to give the students different lockers so they will not need to go near their friend to get stuff and talk,” said Perez. With all this congestion some students may try and avoid this area or hurry through before it becomes congested. “Yes, I try to avoid this hallway because it takes too long to get through the hall and go to my next class,” said Tobuk. “I can not avoid the hallway because my locker is right in the middle and I need to get stuff after every class for my next class,” said Perez. This hallway gets out of had because it is a main source of why people are late to class since they cannot get through the crowd. “Yeah, I do not know anyone that has not been late trying to move through the hall and all the students,” said Perez. “Yes, I have been late to class all the time because it takes to long to get through the hallway crowd,” said Tobuk. This hall needs to be changed so that students can travel through it faster so they are not late.