Memories that Last a Lifetime

A memory is “The mental capacity or faculty of retaining and reviving facts, events, impressions, etc., or of recalling or recognizing previous experiences,” defined at So what are Dimond seniors’ favorite memories from their four years here? What are they going to remember the most 20 years later? What stuck out? What were the highlights of all four years? These are the fondest memories of a handful of seniors interiewed for this story: Cierra Wheeler’s favorite memory is “lunchtime.” Eric Sky’s is ” meeting Alex.” Yukie Jones said, “ sharing a locker with friends all four years of high school.” Sephorah Davis’ favorite memory at Dimond is “freshmen year science class. I made a lot of friends in that class.” Davis also had to say, “It was a lot of fun.” Michael Brenner highlight at dimond was this year’s talent show, in which he and a friend sang a song from the musical “Rent.” “ Singing for my peers, it was just amazing,” he said. Many different things stuck out for every senior: making new friends, singing for the school and just everyday things like sharing a locker with their buddies. It’s time for the seniors to say goodbye and make their last lasting memory at graduation, then it’s off to college or other plans. In the words of Zombieland, “Rule #32 Enjoy the little things.”