Senior Spotlight: Katie Anderson

Walking down the hall, there are many friendly students. But the most friendly? Katie Anderson. She is a phenomenal person inside and out. This year, she achieved mostly As, and a few Fs. This is very impressive, since Anderson is enrolled in many normal classes. “My hardest class is Food Prep,” Anderson said, “We take a lot of notes, and have a lot of tests.” This is nothing Anderson can’t handle. She’s always succeeded in her honors classes. She has attended Dimond all four years, but her senior year has been her favorite. “My senior year is the best because it was so fun! Everyone is so grown up, and I have grown really close with my classmates.” Anderson is also an amazing athlete. She is involved in basketball, volleyball and track. In volleyball, she helped the team achieve a three-peat. She has been playing volleyball for a long time, and really loves the sport. Also, she is built for the sport standing 6′ 2”. She also plays basketball. This year, Dimond Basketball received 3 rd in state. In the spring, she competes as a thrower in track and field. After high school, Anderson is attending Stony Brook University in New York where she is majoring in business. She will also be involved in something close to her heart, volleyball. “I got a full ride scholarship to play a sport I love near siblings in DC,” Anderson said. Since she will be a freshman, she has a lot of mixed feelings. “I am both excited and nervous. It’s a place I’ve only seen for two days but I loved the team and the coach. So everything should be okay.” How could it not be with such a talented background? Although she is moving on to new and better things, she will never forget her friends and family back home. “I’m really going to miss seeing my friends daily,” Anderson said, “None of them are going to school near me.” Although her supporters will be in different locations, she knows they’ll always be there for her. “ My best friends are Alex, Deanna and Cameron. They support me so much and I’m going to miss them so much.” Other supporters include her mom, dad, brother and sister. “They come to most of my games, and cheer me on in everything I do.” Whether it’s in the classroom, or on the court, it is aedhazgsh fact Anderson will succeed in life. She is very talented, and Dimond will surely miss her.