Senior Spotlight: Sarah Carlson

Sarah Carlson, a girl with slight figure and bright blonde hair, is a person who feels very much away from home. She will soon be moving to Nashville Tenn., a birthplace of many country singers, including Craig Morgan, Rodney Atkins, Charlie Daniels, Katie Ray Davis and Devin Belle. She has met all of them. Her picture can be seen in an issue of “Country Weekly,” standing by her favorite Rodney Atkins. She has gone to Ireland on vacation to see her relatives, and in time she hopes to make another visit to Ireland and walk a tour of the County Down. “It’s very green and the people are nice, they are willing to let you into their home, very hospitable,” she said. When she’s alone at home with her dog Dylan, she enjoys watching an episode of “Hawai 50” (“book ‘em Danno!”) or her favorite movie “Flicka ” with an English muffin ( with jelly and honey) in hand. She is fairly new to Dimond and is eager to leave for Tennessee, where she feels more at home. During her entire interview she kept coming back to the topic. So without much deduction work, one can tell that she can think of nothing else after graduation, and all her friends wish her luck.