Senior Spotlight: Taylor Ferguson

Taylor Ferguson is a senior in the class of 2011. He is athletic and keeps his grades in top shape. He has the grade point average of 3.19. He has had the experience of taking advanced placement classes and the other exciting classes offered. Taylor has played soccer for several years. He played varsity soccer for Dimond all four years of his high school career. Ferguson is a part of the athletic council, as a representative for the soccer teams. This summer Taylor plans on enjoying his last summer in Alaska before college. He will also be training, to prepare for soccer, which he will be participating in while at college. Ferguson will be attending University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. He has earned himself a scholarship there, where he will be playing soccer for the school. When asked what his advice was to for underclassmen, he said, “Enjoy high school because it goes by too fast.” Kimberly Agron said, “Taylor is a really nice kid. I’ll miss him a lot.” “Taylor is an outstanding soccer player and also one of the nicest people I know” said senior Jessica Todd. When asking others about Ferguson they all had very positive response about him. Ferguson is also the captain of the boys varsity soccer team. “Taylor is a really good captain”, said a sophomore on varsity, Matthew Marino. Ferguson says there is “Nothing too special about me”, but from what is heard from others he seems to be an amazing senior who will be missed very much after he graduates this year with the others in his class.