Senior Spotlight: Trevor Clayton

At the end of this school year, Dimond will be losing not only an amazing student, but a contributor to Dimond’s community. Trevor Clayton, a senior, will be leaving Dimond to attend college at Montana State where he will be pursuing a major in Chemical Engineering. His time may be up here, but there is no doubt that during his four years in high school, Trevor has joined and excelled in many different areas. He has participated in cross country skiing for all four years and has been in jazz band, getting up early before school for four years to play the trombone, as well. In skiing Clayton lettered for three years of the four, and has also participated in National Honor Society, Key Club and Model UN. He also is a part of cross country running. It might seem that with all of these activities he wouldn’t have time for academics, but this is completely untrue. Clayton has taken AP Euro, Chemistry, Physics, U.S., Literature, and Language, and maintained good grades in all of them. Lem Wheeles, who has taught Clayton in AP Government, comments on his excellence as a student and person saying, “He is a great student. He always has something thoughtful to say during class discussions. He is also very aware of current world events, which is helpful to him in class.” Nate Normandin, a math teacher and the cross country running and skiing coach for Dimond, has mentored Clayton for more than one sport for all four years. Normandin and Clayton are not just acquaintances but have grown to be good friends over the years, as well. “Outgoing, helpful, ridiculously smart,” are all word that Normandin used to describe Clayton. “At ski meets, he is always the first and the last to ever ask if he can do anything to help,”Normandin said. Isabel Mills, a sophomore at Dimond, has known Clayton for two years and has been on the ski team with him. “He’s really kind and mature and smart, he’s always very considerate of others, and he’s really funny too,”she said. Outside of school, one of Clayton’s favorite things to do is go fishing, something he plans to continue doing in Montana. Clayton says that the thing he will miss the most about Dimond is skiing, “actually, really I’ll miss skiing with certain people on the team,” Clayton added. “Sixth-hour review sessions,” Clayton says, is another part of high school. “It’s super intense, we go over everything we know, it’s awesome because everyone understands and has so much knowledge, it’s really cool.” Patrick Swalling, a senior and good friend said, “He’s pretty much the smartest guy in school, he’s reliable and a good friend.” Alex Schumann, who is also a senior and has known Clayton forever, says, “Trevor is awesome, we fish a lot together, and he’s involved with lots of stuff at Dimond, he contributes to the school.” “He’s too good for us, we make fun of him a lot but we definitely don’t mean it, and he can take it,” Swalling and Schumann said with a laugh. “Join the ski team, and take hard classes even if you’re not sure about them,” Clayton’s says for advice to newcomers at Dimond. Trevor is no doubt an amazing student, athlete and person overall. People have only good things to say about him. His actions and achievements reflect his efforts and character and as Clayton moves on to do greater things in life Dimond will lose a valuable student, and great contributor to Dimond’s community.