Senior Spotlight

Taylor Anderson, a senior at Dimond High, will be graduating this year with a GPA that’s around 3.5. Taylor has been very involved with the school activities and sports. She plays hockey for dimond and won state for her first time with Dimond West girls hockey team. Taylor also has many different Honors classes she took this year, as well. Outside of school, many of Taylor’s friends see her as a different person. They know her for who is she is at school and out. Emily Olsen, who played Dimond hockey and also plays comp hockey with Taylor, has known her for more than six years. “Taylor and I have a really close bond off the ice and on, she’s one of the funniest kids I know. I love being around her and there’s never a boring moment if your friends with Taylor,” Olsen says. “I think Taylor will be very successful after graduating and going to college, she has that strive to be what she wants to be and I love that about her,” Olsen says. Seeing Taylor in the halls and with such vibrant colors just shows how outgoing she is. “Throughout the four years of high school, Taylor has been one of my best friends, and we have grown to be two complete different people but such good friends, “Katie Schmidt,” says. “Taylor and I have known each other since the sixth grade and she’s the most understanding person I know, I love how she carries herself as a person, Schmidt says. Annie Ingaldson, also a senior, has known Taylor the longest out of all her friends. “Since I was two years old not only has Taylor been a best friend to me but she’s also family to,” Ingaldson says. “Taylor is very unique as well as outgoing. Every day is a fun day if you chill with Taylor Anderson,” Ingaldson says. Now that graduation is around the corner, there are a lot of things seniors are thinking about as they walk the stage. After graduation Taylor plans to work the whole summer at Java Coffee Hut until its time leave to Oregon State where she has been accepted to for college. “I’m so excited to graduate but very nervous for college only because it’s so different from high school. The school is way bigger than Dimond and I’m nervous about meeting new people only because I’m used to my best friends at Dimond,” Anderson says. At Oregon State, Taylor won’t be playing any sports for her school but she plans to play on a girls club team just for fun. Anderson’s hoping she will keep in shape and not gain the “freshman fifteen” they say. Anderson hopes to get her business degree within four years and own a smoothie hut in Hawaii.