Seniors Graduating

Seniors are graduating With less than ten days left for seniors before their last day of school, there is a sense of excitement among the senior class. With Graduation, Senior Fun Day and AP Tests coming up there is not much time left for the seniors before they take their last steps through Dimond. Nikki Wray, a senior, is especially excited for graduation. “Once I walk across the stage I will know that all of my hard work will have paid off.” Danielle Parker, also a senior, is really excited for the senior parade. “It’s a great way to say goodbye to our school. We get to walk through all the hallways and remember all the great memories we had as well as all the awesome teachers we had.” Taylor Barcom, another senior, says the last day of school will be bittersweet. “Dimond has given me a lot of great experiences. But I can’t wait to go on to college and meet new people and make new memories. I will miss Dimond. It has taught me so much, and it’s been a great past four years.” It seems like all the seniors have figured out their plans for the fall, but for now they are all focused on summer and all the activities they get to do. Wray will mostly be working out. “I am in track right now and that will continue to be my main focus after I graduate. After that, however, I will go back to training for swimming so I can be ready for college.” Although graduating will take the seniors in all different directions, all seniors can agree that it is time to graduate and it’s time for summer to begin.