Who’s Hot and Who’s Not

Dimond’s seniors have about 20 different teacher’s by the time they graduate, which leads to a lot of opinion about who is the best teacher at the school. It is hard to judge teachers that teach different subject, but there is always one teacher that students seem like the best. As a freshman, kids learn to love the teachers you have because they really don’t know the difference. As students get older they start to judge present teachers to teachers in the past. It is a challenge for the teachers of the younger students to stay high on the lists because they start to be forgotten with the presence of present teachers. When people are asked who their favorite teacher is, they often automatically rant off a name of one of their current teachers. They usually do not think back to the past and determine if one of those teachers were better. By the end of the school year, seniors are voicing their thoughts on their favorite teachers. The teacher’s names that often get tossed around for favorite are Joshua Hall, Michele Nurmi, and Jim Anderson. Mr. Hall is a math teacher who teaches a variety of classes including AP Calculus AB. Matt Longacre, a senior, says, “Mr. Hall was the most fun and smart teacher I’ve ever had.” Matt Wilson and Alex Sedor have similar comments. They all believed he taught in a way that was easy to understand and at the same time was extremely hilarious. Nurmi is one of the United States Government teacher at school and has a laid-back classroom policy. According to many seniors, the best part of her class in the election process at the end of the semester and the 50 percent policy on all work. Nurmi is also the Senior Class sponsor, which helps her “cool” status. All seniors must have to know Nurmi or Sanderson in order to graduate. Anderson is “crazy” according to more than three seniors at Dimond. He is a teacher unlike any other and makes you think outside that box, which many teachers do not do. Kyle Clapper, a senior, says, “I never liked math until I was in Ando’s class.” Anderson also is the Junior sponsor and has put on the two best proms the school has ever seen according to the majority of the senior class. He’s an out-of-the-box thinker allows for crazy ideas to become realities. All the teachers at Dimond offer something special to the school, but these are some of the seniors’ favorites. They offer something that is extra special.