It’s Blooming Summer Fashion

Summer lends many opportunities for cool summer fashions. People can wear all sorts of clothes that the wintertime limits. There are shorts, sandals, tank tops, swimsuits, and much more to wear. “When summer comes, that means it’s time for me to pull out my shades. I got them at this really neat thrift shop. They really help protect my sensitive eyes,” says Sophomore Taylor Allen. Even though the sun is bright people can use protective eye wear. That could sound like a bad thing, but there are so many different styles of protective eye wear that one should never feel unfashionable. Sun means it is time to tan. People tan all the time in the summer, even when they don’t mean to. In Alaska the sun is constantly out, so that means much exposure to the sun. Alex Sachivichik, a junior, says that he does not spend any money on new summer clothes. “The only clothing I spend money on is flip flops. I love flip flops. After three months of summer, I’ve usually bought about 15 pairs,” Sachivichik says. The most popular clothing item for people to take out for summertime are shorts. “I love jean shorts, they are my favorite. Right when the snow melts I take out my jean shorts,” says Jack Gasperlin, a senior. People like to set trends, and the summer is the perfect time to do so with all the different summer events to attend to. “This summer I plan to start a new trend for when it rains. And it rains a lot in the summer of Alaska. My trend will be: trash bags. They are perfect to prevent myself from getting soaked and they are cheap. I just go to Walmart and I have about fifty new rain coats,” says Emily Hughes, a sophomore. People like Emily don’t even follow the trends. They just start their own. One can get inspiration anywhere. “My everyday outfit is shorts, a tee shirt, and soccer slides. I don’t care what the weather is, I’m wearing it anyway!” says Austin Osborne, a freshman. Summer in Alaska can be very nice. The weather may be chilly, but we Alaskans don’t let it affect our summer fashion.