Senior Spotlight: Cory Clevenger

Cory Clevenger, a graduating senior, has had a lot of fun at Dimond. During his short four-year academic career at Dimond, he accumulated a 2.94 GPA and was a part of both the 2009 and 2010 state championship varsity baseball team and has played varsity baseball for Dimond for three years. Clevenger was accepted to the College of the Desert in Palm Desert, California and will attend there this fall. Clevenger plans on playing baseball for the college. “Cory Clevenger? That kid is sick. We’ve had a lot of fun over the years and it sucks that we’re moving our separate ways. I know he’s going to be a pro baseball player. With a pitch as fast as his, I’d be surprised if he didn’t get picked up by the Yankees,” Trevor Helton, senior said. Another of Clevenger’s close friends, Dylan Lauwers, is attending the College of the Desert with Clevenger next fall. “The past years at Dimond have been pretty fun. I can only imagine how fun college will be with Cory. Although I’m sure he’s gonna miss the good times, there’s always more good memories to be made,” Lauwers said. Cory Clevenger’s brother, Jordan Clevenger, is a freshman here at Dimond. “I’m excited for my brother graduating. I’ll have to get used to going to school without him. But like, I said, I’m really happy he got to achieve his goal of playing college baseball,” Jordan Clevenger said, “Dimond has had its ups and downs. But when I graduate, I’ll only remember the ups. Winning the state championship, twice, was probably the most exciting,” Cory Clevenger said. “I think I’ll miss the familiar faces. Especially the cool teachers and the all of the good times I’ve had with my friends,” he added.