Senior Spotlight: Felipe Godoy

Felipe Godoy is a senior at Dimond High School and will soon be graduating. He is spending his last few days at Dimond High getting in the things he’s wanted to do. Felipe did not start at Dimond in his freshman year, but no one would ever be able to tell because of all the school spirit and pride he has. “Freshman year I didn’t go to Dimond. I went to Lumen Christi so I was a skinny, tall kid in a uniform that was too small for me… and, oh yeah, I had a pony tail… those were dark times,” comments Godoy on his years from the past. Godoy enjoyed many things about Dimond. He really loved the energy of the school. There will be many things he will miss about it. Godoy really enjoyed the teachers of Dimond. Godoy would like to make a shout out to a teacher he will really miss, History teacher and Student Government sponsor Lem Wheeles. “I admire his life,” Godoy says. Just by talking with Felipe Godoy, you can tell he has much joy when it comes toward Dimond. He is a member of Student Government with the position of, commissioner of technology. The only word Godoy has to describe his position as is “Boss!” “My favorite class would be Student Government, for three reasons. One, Mr. Wheeles, Two, double lunch, and three, being commissioner of technology,” Godoy says with a smile on his face. Felipe Godoy has had a very memorable senior year. He had many great memories from this year, but his favorite memory by far would be every single spirit day. “ I love the challenge of putting together an outfit. I never go half way. Go big or go home is what I always say. When I see someone who just put together a lame outfit, I go up to them and shout, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Godoy says. Godoy already has his plan for after high school. “ For the future I’m majoring in broadcasting journalism and becoming the next Ron Burgundy,” Godoy says. He even has his opening line, ” Hello my name is Felipe Godoy and here is tonight’s news.” “ My favorite memory is all the people I have met, including you,” Godoy says. Felipe Godoy is a man with a promising future. High school has taught him many life lessons. “ One lesson that I have learned is to always smile. One smile can turn a person’s whole day around.” Godoy says, then proceeds to flash a beautiful smile. Let’s all wish him luck and final goodbye as we see him go on to next chapter of his life.