College Plans for Dimond students

Four year universities, community college, doctor, lawyer, engineer. What are you going to college for? Five Dimond high students were interviewed about what they were going to do once senior year was over and it was time to go to adventure in college. Senior Keiahnna Engel got a full ride scholarship to Boise State, Idaho for girls basketball. Since she doesn’t know anyone going to the same school she said, “I’m a little of both scared and excited, it’s something new and I want to be able to prove to everyone why I got accepted.” Engel is planning on studying sports marketing for all four years she’s there. Which deals with pure sports. Matt Wilson, also a senior, is planning on going to Dartmouth in New Hampshire. He said that he is planning on studying engineering but would like to study pre-med because he loves math and science. Wilson’s brother goes to Dartmouth also so he’s excited about being with him, The skiing is also a big plus for him. Senior Daniel Garding plans to go down a different route, the Air Force. When he joins the Air Force they will provide schooling for him at a community college. When he was asked why he chose the Air Force he said “for discipline.” It was his first choice to join the military. He said that he is excited about this choice because it’s a big change from what he’s used to. Dylan Afusia is attending Saddleback in California with two of his good friends. It’s a junior college and he’s planning on playing football for them. Excited? “Yeah, you could say that. I can handle living on my own.” He said that he was nervous about going to college in general but not about leaving. Last but not least is Erica Dye. She really wants to go to Colorado University in Boulder, but finances are a holdback. Her second choice was Colorado State, which will most likely be where she’s going. Erica is planning on studying either environment engineering or communication. She’s still undecided at this point. She chose Colorado State because engineering is really popular right now, and they want people to hire and put to work, and it’s also stable. CU Boulder was her first choice because of the slopes, which she loves, and its sunny 360 days a year, not to mention all the other fun activities.