Dimond Girls Track Team Competes in Idaho

The Dimond Girls Track team has won State three times. Because they are so competitive in Alaska, they take a trip out of state every season, to compete against schools from the lower 48. Before this year, they had always gone to the Chehalis Aviators Invitational meet, in Washington. But they won it last year, so this year they traveled to Boise, Idaho, for the YMCA Invitational, which has even better competition. There were 10 girls who competed at the meet, in multiple events. To compete in the meet, the athletes needed to meet the qualifying marks. This meet took place April 29 and 30, in strong winds and cold temperatures. Despite this, the team remained competitive and had many athletes set personal records and make it to the podium. Junior Jaley Bozeman was “amazed by how fast the sprinters were there.” Jessica Todd agreed, and added that “the girls from there who ran the 200 were a whole second faster than the girls in Alaska.” Results for the Dimond girls at the meet: 100 meters: 4) Kimmy Jackson, 13.05. 200 meters: 7) Jessica Todd, 26.82; 16) Jaley Bozeman, 27.58. 400 meters: 4) Jessica Todd, 1:00.46; 9) Marguerite Belanger, 1:02.02; 11) Maddison Imig, 1:02.61. 800 meters: 22) Maddison Imig, 2:34.25; 24) Amelia Hennessy, 2:39.92. 1600 meters: 39) Amelia Hennessy, 5:49.70. 3200 meters: 17) Amelia Hennessy, 12:21.39. 100 meter hurdles: 2) Keiahnna Engel, 15.55; 9) Kiera Rust, 17.29; 11) Mary Viatohi, 17.37. 300 meter hurdles: 3) Jessica Todd, 47.95; 12) Mary Viatohi, 50.19; 14) Kiera Rust, 50.60. 4×100 meter relay: 6) Jaley Bozeman, Kimmy Jackson, Mary Viatohi, Marguerite Belanger, 52.31. 4×200 meter relay: 2) Jaley Bozeman, Marguerite Belanger, Keiahnna Engel, Kimmy Jackson, 1:48.01. 4×400 meter relay: 4) Maddison Imig, Kimmy Jackson, Keiahnna Engel, Marguerite Belanger, 4:10.30. Long jump: 4) Jessica Todd, 16-07.75; 9) Keiahnna Engel, 15-06.25, 10) Tonya Parish, 15-05.75. Triple jump: 10) Tonya Parish, 34-00.75, 13) Kiera Rust, 33-00.00 Above: The Dimond 4×400 meter team recieves their medal