Film Literature

Film Literature Class By: Anthony See Mrs. Melican Nevala teaches Film Literature for seniors. In the class students learn how movies work, their camera angles, lighting, and the importance of story board. Students Kier Boas, Tess Evern, and Ryan Icavelli were asked what they thought of the class. “It’s a good way to start the morning,” says Ryan Icavelli. “Awesome, you get to watch movies and create your own without much restriction,” says Kier Boas. “If I had known of this class earlier, I would’ve gotten more prepared for it. It’s really a lot of fun. You go outside the class and film your own videos with your friends,” says Tess Evern. Traveling outside the school, they spent about six hours filming their scary movie film called “House of Fatality.” There are many other students that team up or film themselves. During the class there is a lot of energy going around. “Nearly all of the students are getting their work done because they are so into it. All of the movies so far are great,” says Melican To succeed in the class, you don’t have to own a camera. A friend of yours may have it; it’s more fun anyway to film with a friend than by yourself as they say. It also is a direct access into information to what seniors are doing since Melican is involved so much in what they do like Senior Fun Day. Perhaps you should give it a try?