Rebecca Black: Hated, or Secretly Loved?

Rebecca Black, the most talked-about teen in the past couple of weeks, has been receiving many critical reviews, even from Dimond students. Senior Jeremie Cope said, “I really did not like the lyrics at all, but I think that maybe she was just trying to get her song stuck in people’s head. If that was her goal, then she did that successfully, because I always have the song Friday stuck my head because people are always singing it.” The 13-year-old singer released her first single called “Friday” last month, and within a couple of days, many America teenagers had watched the video. Although Black’s goal was to get people’s attention, she got the wrong kind: hateful attention. Junior Shaq Huang said, “I think that she was trying too hard, if she just sang like herself without any auto tuning or anything, then maybe she would be half-decent.” Black also released the music video for her song, and it is now the most disliked YouTube video, right in front of Justin Bieber’s video, “Baby.” Videos almost immediately flooded into YouTube mocking Black and her music video that apparently could not be taken seriously. Sophomore Nolan Shock stated, “Well let me tell you, I find her brilliance unparalleled by any in the pop music game. She takes ordinary teen problems, like choosing which seat to take in a car full of people, and uses them to allude to ideas such as the war in Middle East and the economic crisis. “I especially enjoy the metaphor she uses of looking forward to the weekend to convey a positive message about the troubles America faces and an optimistic viewpoint that our luck could swiftly turn around and we could become the world’s leading power once again. All in all, Rebecca Black is a genius in her own right and has been highly underestimated by the global population,” Shock said Overall, people seem to hate Rebecca Black. If you read the comments on her video, not one of them are nice in any way. If they seem nice, they are just sarcasm, and hopefully Black does not look at these comments, because if she did, they would probably make her very sad. It seems like the reason people make these comments is to make her sad, and even though her song is bad, she does not deserve that much hate.