Senior Spotlight: Brittney Coleman

Graduating with a 3.0 GPA while playing three years of high school hockey and four years of high school softball, you could say that Brittney Coleman is quite the student-athlete. Her girls high school hockey team won State this year, her senior year. Coleman has such a unique personality. If you were to ask anyone in the hall what they thought of her they would respond with a list of things: crazy, outgoing, loud, interesting, very random, athletic and a sort of “I don’t care attitude.” Even with that little sass, she still is very friendly and has tons of friends. Coleman started playing hockey and softball when she was only five years old and still loves it to this day. She received a womens hockey scholarship to Robert Morris University in Chicago, Illinois. This was a very tough decision as she had other options also. She plans to study business management so that she can open up her own womens hockey-gear shop. This summer Coleman plans to get a job to save up money and to hang out with her friends all the time. But she can’t forget that she has to continue training for hockey. Coleman loves chicken strips with just a little bit of ketchup and ranch on the side, while sipping on some chocolate milk. Her weekends consist of hanging out with her best friends, Caylee, NaLoni, Taylor, Ingrid and her mom. Oh, and don’t forget her hockey stick. She says that they’ve been through so much that she can’t help but call her hockey stick her friend. If you don’t know Brittney Coleman by now you should introduce yourself. She’s quite the character!