Senior Spotlight: Michael Brenner

Although it’s the end of his high school career, Michael Brenner knows that he isn’t even halfway done with his education plans. “After high school, I’m planning to go to UAA for four years and earn my bachelor’s degree in biological science,” says Brenner. “After that, I’m going down to attend the University of Washington to do a double major in oncology and hematology, which are the studies of cancer and blood.” Why is Brenner so set on the medical career path? He wants to study and treat leukemia patients. “My uncle got leukemia a couple years ago. It was a major emotional and financial struggle for my whole family. He’s getting better now, but it was still really hard. So I want to find less expensive and invasive ways to help treat leukemia,” he says. Brenner’s sister Stephanie, a junior at Dimond, says that she supports her brother completely.”I’m happy that he wants to go into the medical field,” she says. As far as leaving Dimond, Brenner says he’s grateful for everything JROTC has done for him. “Because of ROTC, my self esteem has improved a lot. ROTC is like my second family. I consider everyone in it like my brothers and sisters. It’s been a really significant part of my high school career. “Honestly, I’m going to miss the people here the most,” Brenner says. “The teachers are nice and I’ve become good friends with some of them. Everyone here is really diverse, and that’s what makes it Dimond.”