Senior Spotlight: Myla Hummel

Myla Jun Hummel, born April 28, 1993, has obtained the most she could out of her Dimond High School experience. Hummel participated in volleyball, softball and tennis while at Dimond. Hummel’s cumulative G.P.A. is 4.23. When asked, Hummel said that she attributes her excellent G.P.A. to her AP courses. These courses include AP Japanese Fluent Speaker, AP Language and Composition, AP Calculus AB and many more. Next year, Hummel plans to attend Seattle Pacific University and major in psychology. Hummel’s future plans include eventually attending medical school to study to become an orthopedic surgeon. During her gifted mentorship, Hummel realized her love for orthopedic surgery, specifically dealing with hand surgeries. Those closest to Hummel, like her best friend Esther Glasionov, believe that she has tremendous potential to exceed her own expectations. Glasionov has known Hummel since elementary school, but truly connected with her during their eighth grade year. Glasionov views Hummel as her “best friend who always knows how to make me laugh.” She continued to say that one of Hummel’s best qualities is her humor. Austin Hummel, a junior at Dimond and Myla Hummel’s younger brother, views his sister as an extraordinarily determined person. “I believe that whatever she goes for she will achieve,” said Austin Hummel, “she is intelligent and hard working when it comes to her education.” As a senior now, Myla Hummel described her best memory from high school as being her trip she took last year with some friends. Glasionov, Myla Hummel, her older sister Lena Hummel, Herin Choi and Serin Choi all traveled together to Oahu, Hawaii for a trip over Spring Break. For half the crew, it was their senior trip. For Glasionov and Hummel, it was simply an experience surrounded by the people they loved. As graduation approaches and senior year comes to an end, Hummel plans on maintaining her high academic excellence as well as keeping her friendship ties. Moving forward, Hummel looks forward to experiencing college and the real world. Hummel has been an excellent student and friend and is a confident individual who will acquire all the skills she needs from college to pursue a life that she’s always wanted.