Senior Spotlight: Tussii Stauffer

Tussii Stauffer has a quiet but extremely friendly personality. She spent her freshman and sophomore years of high school in Arizona and her last two years here at Dimond. She has a talent for drawing and spends her free time reading. Stauffer enojys reading almost everthing, “except romance” she said. “Getting into college and passing AP Lit,” she said, are her greatest accomplishments. Her goals for the future are to “get through school and get a job.” After 13 years of having almost the same schedule every day—waking up, going to school and coming home—it seems odd to just stop, to just end that 13-year pattern. After high school is over, Stauffer says she will miss “seeing my friends every day.” She won’t miss, however, “waking up at 6 in the morning.” When asked if she was looking forward to graduation, she said, “no, I don’t know what I am doing after this.” Stauffer is planning on going to the University of Alaska Anchorage this fall.