Senior Spotlight: Emily Klopfer

“The friendliest person you’ll ever meet.” This could not be a more perfect description of Emily Klopfer. Her caring, heartfelt, and loving personality makes her one of the most amazing people at Dimond. Klopfer was born July, 6 1993 in Anchorage. Both her grandfather and mother were born and raised in Alaska, making her a third-generation born Alaskan. Ever since she was little, Klopfer has loved both reading and writing. With this love for writing and her creative mind, Klopfer has begun to write many novels in her spare time. Her love for writing recently paid off when she won fifth place for the national Writers Digest writing competition this year. Klopfer’s accomplishments do not end with her writing. She is a dedicated student who manages to juggle many Advanced Placement classes while participating in many sports and activities at Dimond as well. Klopfer has been an active member of Key Club for all four years she’s been at Dimond and is currently the President for National Honor Society as well as the Editor-in-Chief of the Igaramkin. Klopfer played varsity tennis for three years and was team captain her senior year. She was also one of the managers for the Dimond swim team this year. After high school, Emily is planning to attend Boston College and hopes to pursue a career in creative writing. She plans on obtaining a doctorate in creative writing but would also like to study something relating to either astrophysics or neuroscience. Klopfer’s obsessions include Harry Potter and cheese. She claims to be a turophile, a cheese connoisseur. Living on a lake, Klopfer enjoys spending time outside with both her friends and family, especially at her two cabins located in Homer and on Big Lake. Klopfer is a wonderful human being who is exemplary in many areas in her life.