Summer Jobs Beckon

As the days of school dwindle down, the air begins to fill with excitement from the students ecstatic to leave school for the summer. Just hearing the word “summer” provides for smiles all around, until the word “work” follows behind. Working during the summer is a dreadful concept. Spending your time working instead of hanging out with your friends is something no one would rightfully choose; however, sometimes students do not have a choice. As college comes closer for seniors, the realization of college expenses comes closer, as well. It is because of this realization many students end up needing to work during the summer. “I’m working at US Travel for college money,” says Senior Jack Gasperlin. “I’m going to have a lot of college loans to pay off,” says Senior Nate Biel. “That’s why I’m working over the summer at the Anchorage Golf Course,” he continues. “It works out nicely that it is also a place that involves something I enjoy.” Senior Jessie Herring is going to be working on the slope for BP in order to help pay for her college, as well. Although working during the summer may seem like a drag, there are some benefits to having a job. This summer, Senior Star Paraoan is going to be continuing her current job working at the Alaska Heritage Tours, a corporation in charge of many tourism companies. When describing the job she stated that she gets “sick discounts” due to the fact she works there. Some students are not even focused on money for college. However they are still focused on money. “I just want spending money,” says Senior Deanna Nielson. Following the same view as Nielson on the reasoning behind working, Junior Colter Lasher simply says, “Money is power.” Although many students are leaning towards working for money, there are some who are basically working for free. There are the students who are planning on participating in mentorships. The Gifted Mentorship Program at Dimond allows students to gain insight in their desired career field. Junior Ella Zong is one student who is planning on doing a mentorship. She plans to shadow a surgical oncologist. Although she will be doing this during her spare time and not getting paid, it will surely be an experience like no other. Many other students from Dimond are planning to spend their summers at professional work places with mentors as well. Summer is drawing near and so are summer jobs. Of course, no one wants to work; however, most students know it is something they need to do. Whether for experience in the field or for money, many of the students at Dimond will find themselves landed in the workforce in Anchorage this summer.