Costa Rica: A Trip To Remember

This year, lucky students from Dimond are getting the chance of a lifetime: to visit Costa Rica, a Latin American country located in Central America. The group has an option of either a 10-day stay and tour of the country with the group, or an extended stay. The extended stay includes the 10-day tour, plus a two-week home stay with a Costa Rican host family, also attending school there to see the way they all learn and interact. Some (but not limited to) activities the group will be doing includes whitewater rafting, snorkeling, zip lining, many trips to the beach and the chance to experience Costa Rica’s primary language, Spanish. Those participating in this trip are presented with the opportunity to expand their learning, taking in a whole new cultural experience they would not be able to encounter otherwise. “I think that travel abroad is important, especially for high school students,” Scott Campbell, Dimond science teacher and chaperon for the trip, said. “While the language aspect is huge, the cultural experience is invaluable.” Sydney Laudon, a sophomore, has been looking forward to this trip for a long time. “I’m just excited for the warm weather and going with all these people from our school.” Laudon claims she is not worried about much, “but it would definitely suck to get malaria,” she said. Michael Aronwits, a freshman at Dimond, is looking forward to the trip, as well. “I’m really excited for the zip lining, and to see the rain forest. The whitewater rafting should also be really fun, I think.” Aronwits says the trip is also a bonus, as he gets elective credit for school, although this is not why he chose to participate in the Costa Rica trip in the first place. “It will be nice to go on vacation with friends. But I am nervous, like for the host family part. Staying with strangers won’t be easy,” he said. Laudon is a part of the extended stay, as well, and says she is anxious to see what her host family will be like. “Not knowing who I’ll end up with is exciting, to me,” she said. Aronwits is looking forward to this trip, claiming he will most likely ever get one shot in life to do it, so now must be it. “It’s an experience I will remember for a lifetime, and one I am looking forward to,” Aronwits said.