Future Freshmen Moving Up

When sixth graders transition into middle school there is an excitement of something new, but when eighth graders turn into official high school kids there is no playing around. This is the beginning of a life affecting process. High school is not all that some present freshmen expected. Freshman Taliyah Edwards says, “I thought it would be more work, yeah. I also thought there would be more time though. I have just been packed with stuff and like I’ve said before with no time.” High school is obviously time consuming and some students cannot handle it. On the website all4Ed.org there is a FactSheet that says about 7,000 students drop out every school day and over a million of the students who enter ninth grade during the fall fail to graduate with their peers four years later. New students are the future generations of Dimond High School. Eighth-grader Tha-doe Koy said, “Yes, I’m excited for high school. Mostly for all the sports and meeting new people. But I will honestly miss middle school a lot, and I mean a lot.” She also says that she is attending Dimond High School which she says is very is good. She continues to say, “I know school will be hard with all the homework, plus as a freshman we’ll probably be at the bottom of the food chain.” No doubt at that. When asked what time management meant, she responds, “It means organizing your time well.” Entering high school that thought becomes a reality. Time is one important aspect in high school. It can be very limited. It also has to be spent very wisely. Eighth-grader Jae Ham talks about high school. “Yes, I’m excited [for high school]. Because I can’t wait for the sports. I know [the homework] it will be hard. I applied for Honors so hopefully that works itself out.” Being an athlete and taking honors is a total time consumer. It is a need to get at least nine hours of sleep. Information on the website Mayoclinic.com states that 90 percent of teens get less than the regular nine hours, while the other 10 percent get less than six hours of sleep. With those statistics, it is good to use time wisely and to to go to the library at lunch. It is always open. Ham finishes with, “I’m not sure what time management is.” Well he is about to learn. Eighth-grader Jonathan “Rocky” Vasai shares his thoughts on high school. “ I am excited—scratch that, I’m totally excited—scratch that, I’m extremely excited for high school, because you get to view the education and the girls. I know the work is going to be harder, because the harder the homework, the better your future. Time mangement to me is taking it slow.” Eighth-graders are an importance to high schools all over the world. They are the future, just as seniors are to colleges.