Senior Spotlight: Mary-Agnes Casica

Mary-Agnes Casica will be joining our Dimond seniors as they venture off into the world unknown, out of high school, prospectively becoming a college freshman. Casica, 18, has been at Dimond for her whole high school career. She describes her experience as “alright,” and “ fun” and says she is “ very excited” to graduate. Her favorite parts of Dimond include how much she liked the people and the nice teachers, and she commented on how clean the school is. Casica’s not-so-favorite parts of Dimond over the years include homework and sitting through “boring” classes. She enjoys painting and photography in her spare time, and has played a big role as a Squad Leader for a year in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, aka: JROTC. She lists her duties as mainly helping out the new freshman, and being a leader, which she said was “fun.” Casica started out as a freshman at Dimond. She says the school seemed “ huge” at the time, and she always found herself lost among the confusing hallways. She says that year was her shyest yet. In her sophomore year, Casica says she felt more comfortable as she had more of a feel of what to expect. In her junior year, she states that she got “to know the flow of things” and just wanted to get it over with. She also says the school career seemed way shorter by then. Today, Casica says she is “way excited for graduation” and cannot wait. She will be graduating this year with honors, which is for the students who achieved a 3.7 or higher. She intends on working this summer and getting involved in summer activities like riding her bike, hiking, fishing and staying up late. In the fall, Casica intends on attending the Kenai Penninsula College and majoring in abstract arts, where she hopes the environment is more relaxed and mature.