The Homefront Pains of War

War. A need, or a want? For the past ten years, America has been at its worst war yet, with the loss of more than 7,161 troops and, countless numbers of casualties. Reports, who keeps track of data from Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Enduring Freedom. And the families at home, waiting for their loved one to walk in that door, hoping and praying, its not someone else in uniform, their to inform them of their loss. Some count war as necessary, while others see it as a frivolous game they used to play when they were kids. And not only is war the root of endless heartbreak, and a circle of violence, but has cost the U.S trillions in debt. 4 trillion to be exact, according to But others would argue that a war is necessary. ” War is a poor chisel to carve out tomorrow”. Stated Martin Luther King, Jr, when asked about the all to well known subject of war. And the sad part about it, is that our government sees war an an open door option that can be used as a threat any minute. Which as our past experiences have shown, those kind of threats only aid us in loosing trust with other countries. On my side of things, is a bitter sweet opinion. I see some war situation as a need. We need, to defend the soil we have fought and lost so much for already. We need, to stand up for what makes America different from other established populations. And we need to help in our allies affairs, only when they ask of course. But we don’t need, to butt into others countries affairs when uninvited. We don’t need to rack up national debt and blame it on the war efforts. And we certainly don’t need, to jump the gun, by thinking war as a first resort, not a last, as it should be. But these are my thoughts. And If you and I don’t see eye to eye, thats okay. It’s good to have an opinion, that means you’ve done your homework on the topic, and if you haven’t, you should. But I must admit I’m bias on this subject. My boyfriend of almost a year is in the Air force. And every time he leaves on a TDY (temporary duty), or when I look on the calender, only to see how many days are left before he deploys, I feel the front line of war. It feels like your heart suddenly weighing twenty pounds, and sinking to your stomach. And when he reminds me it’s a duty, something that can’t be changed, I dis like war with a greater passion than before. Just last month 4,000 paratroopers from the 23rd Engineer Company, 6th Engineer Battalion from Fort Wainwright, Fairbanks Alaska, left for a year-long deployment to Afghanistan. When I hear news like this it only makes me wonder what happened to all that “change” Obama promised. Why is he not getting our men and women out of the frivolous war he so harshly criticized Bush for? But whether or not you support the efforts the American government is making over seas, we are all affected. Through taxes, through family, through loved ones and friends, we have all felt the sting of sorrow, frustration, and injustice, from the fighting for our freedom.