Are Horror Movies Ever Scary Anymore?

We all see the previews, advertisement and movies. People watch horror movies because they enjoy being scared and thrilled. However, should today’s horror movies be considered horror? A recent movie that came out on April 1, called “Insidious,” was praised by watchers. The works of “Saw” and “Paranormal Activity” was directed by James Wan. Leigh Whannell was screenwriter. The two collaborated to make “Insidious” a scary movie. The movie begins with a family of a mother, father, son and a baby daughter. As the family moves into a new house, their son goes in a coma that doctors have no explanation. Then there were recent activities of paranormal activity, and the mom was convinced her house was haunted; the family moved into a new house while the son was still in a coma. However, in the family’s second new house the haunts continued. The mom sees dead people figures from all ages. It turns out the son was an astral projection traveler, where his soul can travel out of his body. The son’s soul had traveled into the underworld and couldn’t find his way back, leaving his body exposed where the supernatural guests try to inhabit his body. The movie’s hair and makeup for the supernatural guests came off as cheesy instead of scary. There were jumpy moments, but those could be easily predicted. One supernatural guest’s face was painted red. He looked more like a creepy guy that dumped his face in ketchup. The music choices were dramatic and came off cheesy. The storyline, an illogical fallacy, threw the whole movie off. The storyline wasn’t realistic and, quite frankly, the entire movie came off as a joke. Nate Biel, a senior, said “That movie was garbage… had potential, but the demon version of Mr. Tumnus ruined it for me.” Biel was disappointed with the movie and wanted his money back. Taylor Aronwits, a junior, said “‘Insidious’ is so scary. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t even watch it. My eyes were covered the whole entire time.” Aronwits, who also gets scared in Harry Potter movies, didn’t even watch the movie—she can’t say the movie was scary when she didn’t watch it. Jake Alward and Cameron Ginochio, both seniors, didn’t watch “Insidious” with their friends, because they were too scared to go in and watch it. The movie was overrated and not rated on the quality of the movie. Scary movies should have a creepy storyline that lingers in your mind for some days, give you chills and gives you your money’s worth.