Moccasin Monday Catching On

When you walk through the halls at Dimond, you see people wearing almost every type of shoe. (Whether it is sneakers, Uggs, or Danskos, etc.) Over the past year, there is one type of shoe that has really started to catch on. This shoe is very comfortable and usually comes in a variety of shades of brown. They get dirty very easily but look great when they are clean. If you have not guessed yet or figured it out from looking at the title, they are moccasins. Moccasins are spreading like wildfire at Dimond ,and what came next I think nobody saw coming, an event related to moccasins. Moccasin Monday is a day where people get to celebrate and reminisce about their moccasins. I think that people would enjoy coming to school a lot more if they had something to look forward to, or something that would excite them and they can laugh about with their friends when they get to school. I think that Moccasin Monday is the perfect example of this. Nobody really likes Mondays. It is the beginning of the week, and all people can think about is how they have five whole days of school until another weekend. I think that Moccasin Monday is great because it gets people’s minds off of this idea of a long, boring week and lets them have fun and maybe even look forward to the weekend. Matthew Marino, a sophomore, celebrates Moccasin Monday every Monday and plans on continuing with this tradition. “I will celebrate this important event until moccasins go out of style, which is never,” Marino says. He has a few pairs of moccasins, but recently they have been getting dirty and lost and he almost did not have a pair for the first official Moccasin Monday. He had to search his house on Sunday night and ended up finding an old pair that that was in his dad’s closet. They may be kind of old, but he likes them. “It’s not acceptable to not wear moccasins on Monday. Do whatever it takes to celebrate it even if it means you have to wear your sister’s,” Marino says. Ryan Brady, a sophomore, celebrates Moccasin Monday with pride. Every Monday he puts on his dark brown Ugg moccasins and heads to school in excitement because of this occasion. “If I get to school on Monday and realize that I am not wearing moccasins, I will immediately go home to get them, even if it means I am late to school,” he said. Even though Moccasin Monday has not completely caught on yet, over time, people will begin to celebrate it.