Senior Spotlight: Gisselle Cilot

Gisselle Cilot is a senior at Dimond High School. She is excited to almost be out of school and does not regret much from high school. If she could go back and re-do something, she would want to go back and try harder at her grades. “I’m happy with almost everything I have accomplished in high school, but there are a few little things that I would have liked to do better, like grades, and hanging out with friends more,” Cilot says. She is happy with the decisions she made with friends and and other small things. She knows that the small decisions have very large impacts as well as the impacts that occur from big decisions. “I really feel like I made good decisions, but I still think of what could have been different if I made little decisions differently. I wonder if things could have been different in a good or a bad way,” says Cilot. She looks forward to college and plans on staying in Alaska and probably going to UAA. She would go out of state but she just loves Alaska and all of her friends and family and would miss them too much if she left them. “There are so many people I would miss and I don’t want to leave them. I would much rather stay here in Anchorage with my friends and family,” says Cilot. She inspires me because she has such a positive attitude for the future and does not look back on her past in a negative way very often. She is not sure what she wants to do for a career, but she is looking around and keeping an open mind. Cilot says, “I know that I will realize what I want to do in life when it comes to me and I will not just settle for the first opportunity that comes my way. Overall, Cilot is a very well-driven individual who has a bright future in front of her as long as she continues in the path that she is currently taking.