Senior Spotlight: Joey Towslee

As the 2011 school year comes to an end, so do many seniors’ high school careers. One senior in particular, Joey Towslee, is excited to almost be finished with this chapter in his life, and on to the next. Towslee, a two-year varsity swimmer for Dimond High School, NHS participant and Z Club member, with a cumulative GPA of 3.81, has enjoyed his four years in high school very much. Towslee said that his years in high school “were well spent, both in the classroom, and out. I am satisfied with everything I did academically, but my biggest regret was probably not taking more AP classes.” Towslee said that the thing he will most miss about high school is “not being able to see his best friends every day.” His favorite memory from high school is being a part of the swim team. “Joining the swim team was probably the best decision I made in high school.” Laurel Stutzer, Towslee’s anatomy teacher, had only positive things to say about him. “He’s a great student. I had him for two years, and knew his parents before he was even born. He is an attentive student who helps others, is smart, asks good questions and is very polite.” Mischell Anderson, Towslee’s AP psychology teacher, agreed with Stutzer by saying, “[Towslee] is an excellent student, is conscientious, respectful to both students and adults, is intelligent, and very hard working.” One of Joey’s closest friends, sophomore Erik Wilcox, said, “I’ll definitely miss Joey when he goes to college. He’s a really good friend and gives really good advice.” Towslee will be heading off to Washington State University next fall and is thinking about majoring in psychology before attending law school. With a bright future ahead of him, Towslee is ready to spread his wings and leave Dimond High School as an accomplished and prepared person.