Prom: Success Or Failure?

Jessica Barkeley & Kimberly Germaine Journalism 1 May 2011 Prom 2011 Prom is supposed to be a memory in high school that everyone cherishes, but was this year’s prom up to par with past years? The students at Dimond High all seem to have the same opinion. It was like any other dance but with long dresses and better decorations,” said Senior Brittany Youngburg. This year, due to double booking at Changepoint Church, Dimond’s 2011 Prom was held in the old gym. Since there was leftover money from not having to rent a place, Dimond used the extra money to pay a party planner to decorate the gym. This year’s theme was “Arabian Nights” and when the party planner was done with the gym, it really looked like an Arabian Night. “They were wonderful, I felt like I was in Aladdin,” said Sophomore Emily Hughes. Junior Brenna Hannemen said “ I was surprised by how good they made the gym look, it was almost unrecognizable.” But any dance held in a school gym in bound to have its pros and “The decorations looked kind of cheap, but it was done really well and saved a lot of money. It was way too hot in the gym though.” said K.D. More students agreed with K.D that the gym became way too overheated as more students began to arrive. Even with the ice sculptures and the fans it remained very hot in the gym. “Prom this year reminded me of a high school reunion this year. The D.J played old music, the dance was held in the high school gym and there was that one couple here who went to Dimond when they were younger,” said K.D. Although the students seemed more on the cons of having their prom in the gym this year, teacher had a more positive outlook. “I think it went really well,” said history teacher Lem Wheeles. “I would have it in the gym again, teachers had a more positive outlook.” Wheeles was also part of the cleaning and set up committee and said that the decorations started being put together on Wednesday. Then, after prom ended Saturday night at midnight, Dimond math teachers Julia Lemmerman and James Anderson stayed until 2:30 a.m to clean, and returned again Sunday to finish up. As this year’s prom hadn’t quite turned out as expected, overall it was a success. Prom in the old gym may just continue to be a re-occurring tradition here at Dimond. And even though prom had its ups and downs, it truly was a night to remember.