Summer Plans Around the Corner

Most people agree it’s the best time of the year. The temperatures are at their highest, people go on vacations and, of course, no school. It’s a known fact that summer is right around the corner. But what is everyone doing to celebrate this great season? Mallory Stutzer, a sophomore, enjoys making money during the summer. “My favorite part of summer is baby-sitting all my neighbors’ little boys and girls. I make a lot of money and it is so fun. Sometimes we take walks and on rainy days we sit inside and watch movies like ‘Bug’s Life’,” Stutzer said. “I usually use my money to buy a lot of vegetables and ranch.” Working is a very popular activity during the summer. It’s good for teens to learn how to provide for themselves and be more independent. Jane Eckhoff, a sophomore, also works in the summer. “I like to make necklaces and sell them to my friends. Since I have so much free time in the summer, I make tons of necklaces and make a lot of money too! Sometimes I mix different colored beads together to make a rainbow necklace that will match any summer outfit,” she said. Some students prefer to enjoy their preparing for sports. Savanna Desatoff, a junior, enjoys ski training in the summer. She is in Alaska Winter Stars, and trains every day of the week preparing for the long winter months. “Skiing is my life. I eat, breath and sleep skiing. It’s very important to me to train hard during the summer. That way I can have a successful season and become a true champion,” Desatoff said. Cameron Ginochio, a senior, also enjoys training in the summer. “I usually run at least three miles a day during the summer. It keeps me fit and it’s just so much fun. I can’t wait for summer,” Ginochio said. Others, like Emily Lincoln, a sophomore, just enjoy relaxing and having fun during the summer. “I really enjoy sitting on my back deck and tanning, while listening to my favorite jams. Sometimes I make up dance routines with my dog, and we perform them for our neighbors, and friends,” Lincoln said. Madison Imig, a sophomore, also enjoys relaxing. “I go on a lot of vacations during the summer. It’s nice to get away from Alaska for awhile and visit a new environment. I also enjoy painting the beautiful scenery I see in my travels,” Imig said. Whether it’s working or relaxing, summer is a fun time of the year for everyone. What will you do this summer?