Rally Sally: The Untold Story

Taylor Ramsdell 5/16/11 Period 6 Rally Sally is a local band here in Anchorage. Rally Sally formed in late 2010. Graham Burrell the front man of Rally Sally says, “I love playing with RS. I love seeing all the kids at our shows throwing down and having a good time.” Rally Sally has a very technical, heavy sound. Reminiscent of Heavy Heavy Low Low, and The Number 12 Looks Like You. Alberto Alcala from The Harlequin State, Rally Sallys brother band, has this to say, “It’s fun to see them up there. I have known all the guys for so long and I really dig their music.” Their songs deal with subjects like break-ups, deceit, lies, betrayal and junk food binges. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we just like to have fun and write music that we like to listen to.” Says frontman Graham Burrell, “Don’t get me wrong we put every ounce of passion we have into our music, but it’s what we want to hear not what’s cool.” RS have a way about them with nonconformity in their music. Their music has crazy technical guitars and insanely fast drums but they also have very melodic influences. They aren’t just another trendy deathcore band with drop-g tuned guitars and chuggy bar chords with blast beats and double bass drums. If i could use one word to explain Rally Sally it would be talant, or crazy, or fun. But you can’t simply explain Rally Sally in one word because they are so much more. They are a great addition to the Anchorage music scene, which has been needing some change for a while. Rally Sally has only played 3 or 4 shows but they will be playing deuce fest in June and they will be opening for iwrestledabearonce in September. After they open for iwrestledabearonce The Sallys are planning to tour the lower 48 to try to gain a larger fan base and get more people to hear their music. “I’m sad to leave Alaska, but we really want people to hear our music and we want to play for more people.” Says Burrell about touring the lower 48. “I don’t want to see them go but I really hope them the best.”Says local concert goer Kevin Kuhn.