Senior Spotlight: Liliys Elomari

Liliys Elomari, a senior at Dimond High School, has had a memorable four years. She has participated in DDF as well as some of Dimond’s school plays, such as “The Crucible” and the drama department’s final play, “On The Bright Side.” When asked what she will miss most about high school, Liliys replied “all of my friends. Leaving them won’t be east.” Joey Towslee, a senior, has been a friend with Liliys since the second grade. He says, “Because we have been such good friends for so long, the concept of college doesn’t phase us.” No matter how much time passes between the two, when reunited, it will be like time never existed, and they’re still as close as ever. Xiunell Gomez, a senior and one of Liliys’s closest friends, says her favorite memories are “of being with Liliys and when her mom makes me tea. Makes my day every day.” Towslee says his favorite trait about Liliys is her “unconditional love and level headedness. We always see each other the same, no matter what happens.” The bond the two of them share is one that cannot be broken by simple arguments. Elomari is planning on attending UAA for the first few years of her college career, wanting to major in nursing. Her schooling will entail around seven years, the first few in Alaska, getting the necessary classes out of the way. The next will be spent somewhere studying nursing. Gomez says her and Liliys will always be close, as friends like that can never be split apart. “Liliys is a big nerd at heart. She’s pretty and dedicated. Together, she’s pretty dedicated!”