Hunger Games: Dimond Students Give Series A Thumbs Up

“…The Careers stop in the clearing about ten yards from my tree. They have flashlights, torches. I can see an arm here, a boot there, through the breaks in the branches. I turn to stone, not even daring to breathe. Have they spotted me? No, not yet. I can tell from their words their minds are elsewhere…” Katniss Everdeen thought while fearing for her life in Suzanne Collins’ The “Hunger Games”. When asked about the last quote, Keely Hol t, a Dimond High School freshman, said, “ When I read the passage from the book, I felt scared and nervous for Katniss. Suzanne Collins is a great writer and gives you a great description of everything.” “The Hunger Games is a very, very good book series. It’s boss,” said Morgan Brown, also a freshman. Cierra Schwartz, also a freshman, was asked on her opinion of the book. “ Umm… I thought that The Hunger Games was an excellent series. They made me cry, and hope and occasionally laugh all at the same time. “I think that they are extremely well written, and that they are a great series for everyone. They had suspense, romance, drama, action, guns, mutants, bravery, and anything one could hope for in a book,” Schwartz said. The first book of the Hunger Games trilogy is being made into a movie and will be in theaters in 2012. Many people loved the book. Holt said, “…I loved them [the books], they were the best!” She goes on, talking about whether she is going to see the movie, “Yeah, I’m not dying to see it, but it is going to be a letdown, I just know it.” When asked if she wanted to see the movie, Freshman Kelsey Teela said, “There is going to be a movie? Sure.” Suzanne Metcalfe, Dimond Librarian, said that she has read the books as they came out, and the first book was a Battle book last year. “I heard it was a really good book, and I wanted to pick it up for myself,” said Caitlin Peterson, a freshman. She said she will probably see the movie. Peterson goes on to say, “ The Hunger Games are awesome! If you haven’t read them, you should, otherwise, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.” 🙂 Mackenzie Verduin, a sophomore, said her favorite book of the trilogy is the first book. “They were entertaining,” she said. Sophomore Mandy Corr also read the first book and liked it. Freshman Alexandra Devon has a different opinion. “The book was interesting and well written; however, the story itself was a little disturbing and gruesome.”